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In 1989, Klugh released his first solo-guitar album, titled simply Solo Guitar . Sixteen years later, his second solo recording, Naked Guitar, earned Klugh his 11 th GRAMMY® nomination. Both of those discs were not only popular, but they received high critical praise as well. HandPicked is on track to follow on exactly that same path. Thirteen of the CD’s 16 tracks feature Klugh’s signature style of solo guitar mastery. The remaining tracks are duets with three very different players: famed jazz guitarist Bill Frisell; ukulele master Jake Shimabukuro; and Country Music Hall of Fame guitarist and singer Vince Gill.

[Description by Uncle Ricky] Welcome to Fayetteville, Arkansas! Paul Milam pulls double-duty as morning newsman and host of Coffee Cup Capers on KHOG-AM (1440 kHz). Only four reportable musical performances are featured in this agriculturally-aware rarity. Pat Boone 's K-HOG Classic featuring Mel Blanc , now considered to be offensive to Mexican-Americans, follows the ten-minute newscast. And would you be surprised to learn the second tune is from Patsy Cline ? This exhibit is an excellent example of locally-programmed radio in conservative small-market America, circa 1963. Return to the Repository TOP STREAM 32 Kbps (10 Khz)
Bill Vancil, KSTT Davenport IA, June 13, 1963 (42:56)
. . The Quint Cities Popularity Plus Station . . [Description by Uncle Ricky]
Bill Vancil back in the day, wondering why he hasn't been on REELRADIO before 2012. Well, we're sorry we didn't publish this one sooner, because references to 1963 KSTT on the Web are few. There are quite a few unusual jingles, and Quint Cities is a failed and mostly forgotten slogan, referring to the communities clustered around Davenport Iowa and the Mississippi River.

Earl Duke - I've Been Loving You Too LongEarl Duke - I've Been Loving You Too LongEarl Duke - I've Been Loving You Too LongEarl Duke - I've Been Loving You Too Long